Cost-effective staffing for companies in Minneapolis

You know your business and your team better than anyone. When your team isn’t at full strength, deadlines begin to pile up and sometimes work can be delayed. You need the right talent to join your team and hit the ground running.

We provide cost-effective staffing for companies in the Minneapolis area. Our experienced team of recruiting and staffing experts come from the same industries they serve. Their industry-knowledge ensures that you get the best candidates for your company in a timely manner to keep projects on track.

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Bear Staffing Services: Minneapolis, MN

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Openings in Minneapolis

If you’re looking for the next step in your career or ready for a new position, be sure to look at the current openings in Minneapolis on our job board.

Industries We Staff For

Our Minneapolis branch provides staffing solutions for the following industries:

Our Approach to Staffing

At Bear, our approach to high-volume staffing is different from the traditional approach many other firms use. Using our patented Inverted Recruiting Model, we focus our search, bringing you only the most qualified talent in your industry. Your company gets to pick from a pool of candidates that fit your specific needs.

The beginning of our application process is thorough vetting. We filter out any candidates who may not be qualified for the position so that you are guaranteed the best fit for your team.

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