Flexible Staffing


Bear Staffing Services' Flexible job Staffing allow you to adapt to production and skill business demands while keeping overtime low and avoiding undue stress on your core staff.

Flexible staffing options:

Temporary Staffing

Demands and workloads shift. Be ready with Bear Staffing Services' temporary staffing services.

 Bear Staffing Services is an expert in finding qualified, experienced personnel to fill short- and long-term temporary job positions.
  • Manage variable workloads
  • Fill in for unexpected absences
  • Meet critical project deadlines
  • Reduce risks and ensure safety and compliance

Build skills, build connections, build a career. Temporary work allows candidates to try a variety of roles while building their skills and making professional connections. Add flexibility to your workforce or career.


Try a Bear Staffing Services candidate before committing. Our temporary-to-hire option ensures that the person you hire brings the same qualities and attitude to the job that they did to the interview. Your advantage?
  • Faster turnaround than hiring on your own
  • Test prospects before extending an offer
  • Prevent early turnover
  • Accurately assess a viable fit
  • Convert talented contractors to full time

Try a new job or career path before committing. 

Temporary-to-hire is equally valuable for candidates who will have Bear Staffing Services’ benefits and support while deciding if the job is right for them.

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Staff Augmentation

Access to and active, qualified pool of candidates.

Staff augmentation allows you to maintain a pool of readily available talent for seasonal work and any project needs. This option is especially effective in manufacturing, IT, and call centers.

By keeping your core workforce lean and adding temporary employees as needed, you keep your labor costs down without sacrificing quality.

At Bear Staffing Services, our unique Inverted Recruiting Model hiring process and outstanding benefits package allow us to attract and retain the best temporary employees.

Industries We Serve

Bear Staffing supplies companies with temporary, temp-to-hire, seasonal, and direct hire front line personnel in high-volume capacities to the following industries: