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bear staffing Employee Handbook

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Bear Staffing, the staffing agency that can help you. 

Our mission is to provide premium quality staffing services through the building of mutually beneficial partnerships at all levels of the company, thereby fostering an ownership mentality throughout the organization. Bear Staffing was created by Sherri and Gary Johnson in 2005 and now has multiple offices across the United States.

Sherri Johnson is the co-founder and serves as the President and CEO. Sherri has over 20 years of operational management experience. She has held operational roles that focused on Recruiting and Retention Strategies, Orientation, Training, Career Development and Planning. 

Gary Johnson is the Executive Vice President and COO and has 20 plus years in the staffing solutions industry. Gary has led successful start-ups, turn around, and expansion efforts on both a national and regional scale.

When it comes to helping clients, just how does Bear Staffing find out what a client needs? How do both individuals and businesses benefit from working with Bear Staffing?

The benefit of hiring Bear Staffing is that we're relationship driven. We make sure we find the right skills for employers’ particular needs. We don't try to place someone in a facility that the environment wouldn't be conducive to their work habits or that they wouldn't have the skills that the companies are looking for.

What are some of the fields of expertise that Bear Staffing places workers in?
We specialize in manufacturing, but our manufacturing that's different aspects. That could be production line. It could be engineering. It could be Admin, IT. Those were our services that we're working as well.

Bear Staffing believes in building partnerships with both the businesses and individuals in the communities served, using their time, talent and resources to bring people together.

As CEO Sherri Johnson states, “We love being involved in the community. We have been involved with Salvation Army, for example. We've been involved with them for five years on a nationwide basis. We enjoy helping a community through job placement. Finding the right people for the right client gives someone a future.  To help build a community, give someone a job. There have been so many great stories that have come out of vacancies we’ve filled. Not all of our positions are temp-to-hire, but 50% probably are. And there have been great stories coming out of people whom we have helped find jobs. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a store, and someone's sought me out and introduced me to their family and said, ‘This is the company that found my job for me.’ So, that's a great thing, and it's just reaching out to job seekers and finding them a workplace they can call home.”

Bear Staffing is proud to deliver exceptional temporary staffing services through all of our office locations and anywhere across the United States.

As CEO Sherri Johnson states, “Bear Staffing has helped companies as far west as California, as far north as Wisconsin, as far east as New England, and as far South as Florida and Texas. So we will help anywhere that we can, and we do a really great job in parachuting into that company. Initially we interview the companies, find out what their needs are, find out the skills they’re  looking for.  Then we take it from there. We sometimes do the recruiting from a distance and then bring in a team to actually do the interviewing and all the necessary background checks or drug tests or whatever else is required for the job.”

Bear Staffing can help you with your staffing needs. We’ll find the right employees to streamline your company's performance and grow your business. Call us for a free on-site consultation.

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